The Sisters of Merciful Jesus

In the spring of 2000, the Sisters of Merciful Jesus returned to Vilnius, the city where the congregation was born and where it started to pray for Divine Mercy for the whole world. After five years, they approached Audrys Juozas Cardinal Bačkis, Archbishop of Vilnius, requesting to establish a house there. The archbishop decided to give the sisters the house which is closely related to the history of the Image of Merciful Jesus.

The tiny, two-floor, brick house in an old, almost wild, garden on Rasų Street in Vilnius was under the administration of the jail nearby. For long years, nothing about it called to mind that it had been a place of conventual life. The very ground seemed forever absorbed with the gentle steps of sister Faustina, when she was in a hurry to get to the artist Eugene Kazimierowski whose studio was on the first floor of the house. His main occupation was to make paintings requested by the Church, which is why Fr. Michael Sopoćko, who lived on the second floor of that same house, told him about the… sister who experiences visions and hears the insistent request of the Savior to paint what she sees…

In the summer of 2005, the 100th anniversary of St. Faustina’s birth was celebrated, and on 24 September, four sisters of Merciful Jesus solemnly took up residence in this house. Here, seven decades prior, the Lord had called their predecessor to the mission of announcing Divine Mercy to the world. After St. Faustina’s death, her spiritual director, Fr. Sopoćko, had worked to make the Lord’s will, made known to her, a reality. Now, the first women who received this calling placed their trust in the Lord by living the conventual life of the Sisters of Merciful Jesus. Their chapel is founded in the former studio of Kazimierowski. Though the paths of divine providence misty may be, yet we may see many wonderful things when the mist clears.