The Youth Community of Divine Mercy began soon after the Image of Divine Mercy was dedicated in 2005 in the Shrine of Divine Mercy. At the start, there were not many young people joining, but the group has consistently grown. Now there are around 40 young people in the Shrine.

Every young person is welcomed to join this community and is accepted as a brother or sister. The group tries to be attentive and help others to feel at home in the Shrine. As they say, “Our doors and hearts are open to everybody who searches for friends and of course for God.”

Prayer Group

There is a prayer group in the Shrine whose aim is to spread Divine Mercy locally and around the world. Members of the group pray for the various intentions of the Lithuanian and universal Church, for the whole community of the Shrine.

Members of the group make several commitments: daily, to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Litany of Divine Mercy, and the prayer of St. Faustina; weekly, to pray together as a group; monthly, to attend the group’s meeting; and to participate in the group’s retreats. They also help organize events during the week of Divine Mercy. In every environment, members of the group try to testify to Divine Mercy with their life, prayer, and words.

Praise Band

Each of us is created and called to praise God. We believe that in eternity we will be doing exactly that! So all young people who desire to praise God with song – but can’t wait for eternity to start! – who love music, like to sing, or play instruments, we invite to join the praise band of the Shrine of Divine Mercy. May praise change our hearts and open us to God and His guidance.

For more information, contact Elena +370 671 31181

The Ensemble of Gregorian Chant “Vox clara“

The ensemble “Vox clara“ has spread and nourished the tradition of Gregorian chant for the past 8 years.

Gregorian chant is the oldest sacred music in the liturgy of the Latin (Western) Catholic Church. It was written down on manuscripts mostly between the 9th and 13th centuries in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Britain.

Every Sunday, the ensemble sings at the Holy Mass and Vespers. It also attends various concerts and other events. Gregorian chant is a very important spiritual and musical experience for every member of the ensemble.

We invite you!

Maybe you would like to join the ensemble of the Gregorian chant “Vox clara“ which sings in the Shrine of Divine Mercy?

For that you need only two things: desire to learn how to praise and thank God through singing Gregorian chant, and a little bit of musical feeling!

Each Sunday, we prepare songs which were written hundreds of years ago, sometimes even over a millennium! The texts of these songs are related to the readings from the sacred scripture and prayers for the Mass of that day. So every Sunday you will receive a gift to sing the Word of God proclaimed by the Church and share it through song in the Shrine of Divine Mercy.

For more information, contact Šarūnas: +370 620 10157,