Divine Mercy Week 2021


Programme for the Week of Divine Mercy, 4 - 11 April, 2021

„I desire that the first Sunday after Easter be the Feast of Divine Mercy“, - Jesus revealed to St. sister Faustina upon his first apparition. He has also repeated this request several more times.

You are invited to read the programme for the Week of Divine Mercy, 2021:
In Lithuanian: https://bit.ly/3cTxxZx
In Polish: https://bit.ly/2QTIdyH
In English: https://bit.ly/3u4LucI

The first Sunday after the Easter finalizes the celebratory octave of Resurrection, implying the particularly close relation between the mystery of Atonement and the mystery of Divine Mercy. Indeed the passion, death and resurrection of Christ is the greatest revelation of God's merciful love. The Feast of Mercy is not simply a celebration of this mystery, it is also a very special time of graces for the people. Jesus spoke: „I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners. On that day the very depths of My tender mercy are open. I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the fount of My mercy. The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. On that day all the divine floodgates through which grace flow are opened. Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet.“ (Diary of St. Faustina, 699)

Preparation for the Feast of Mercy starts with praying the novena beginning from the Good Friday. We pray the Chaplet of Mercy for nine consecutive days in unity with the Christ's sacrifice on the Cross for our salvation, joining the love that Father pours upon His Son and - via the Son - upon us. Jesus Himself has given the Chaplet of Mercy to St. sister Faustina in Vilnius, on 13-14th of September, 1935.

We are kindly inviting you to write down the names of the persons in whose intent you wish to pray during the Week of Divine Mercy. For example, you could pray for them to be blessed, healthy, liberated from addictions and other private intentions, also to pray for the deceased persons entrusting them to God's Mercy. The intents can be written into the entitled envelopes available in the Shrine of Divine Mercy and handing them in at the sacristy, or you could write the intents online: https://bit.ly/3sfyDE8

Every Holy Mass being held from April 4th to 11th will be dedicated in your written intentions. The intentions will be placed at the feet of Merciful Jesus on 4th of April at 12 PM.

Live broadcast of adoration and the Holy Mass: https://bit.ly/3cflUvm

The Shrine of Divine Mercy. Dominikonų g. 12, Vilnius

The online global Divine Mercy Summit 2020

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The online global Divine Mercy Summit 2020 event is looking to bring tens of thousands together for a first-time three-day event that anyone, anywhere, can attend. The Summit will take place on Oct. 3-5.

One of the largest events anyone can attend at the beginning of October — and right from their own home, is the Global Divine Mercy Summit 2020. Right now it looks like 50,000 or more will be viewing the three-day Oct. 3-5 event timed for St. Faustina’s feast day which this year marks the 20th anniversary of her canonization.

Register today at www.DivineMercySummit.com.

Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/DivineMercySummit

The article about the Divine Mercy Summit: https://www.ncregister.com/

The Archdiocese of Vilnius information

The anniversary of Divine Mercy Sunday

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The anniversary of Divine Mercy Sunday

We kindly invite you to celebrate the anniversary of Divine Mercy Sunday at the Shrine of Divine Mercy, where the original Image of Divine Mercy is, with

Metropolitan Archbishop of Vilnius Gintaras Gruas. Holy Mass takes place at 17:00 (local time, Vilnius).

Live video broadcast can be found at www.gailestingumas.lt, our YouTube channel and Live broadcast on “EWTN Global Catholic Network” to USA and other countries all over the world

. You can submit your intentions for the Holy Mass here.

You can download Holy Mass book HERE.

God Bless you

Divine Mercy week 2020

Dievo gailestingumas plakatas 2020 A3

Divine Mercy Week

It is a great gift from God every year. Even more so this year, when the world is facing great challenges, and we are in dire need of God’s Mercy. Mercy, that would help us to keep on trying, strengthen, preserve hope and grant us wisdom. We are having a unique occasion during this week – an anniversary of Divine Mercy Sunday. This is truly a sign to all of us, that God continues to be loyal and loving despite the current situation. He never stops being with us.

On the 12th of April, Easter Sunday during the Holy Mass at 12 p.m. your intentions for the living and dead will be placed next to the Image of the Divine Mercy. All the Holy Masses during Divine Mercy Week will be offered for your intentions. You can submit your intentions online at HERE, if you haven’t brought them to the Shrine’s sacristy yet.

Also, there (IN ENGLISH, IN POLISH) is the program of Divine Mercy Week, adjusted to the current situation in Lithuania. Let us all join together in prayer using live broadcasts. You can find a constant live broadcast on our YouTube channel HERE. Let us stay united in a prayer as we need each other now more than ever.

Thank you for being together.

Praying for you,

Rector of the Shrine

Fr. Povilas Narijauskas

Live broadcast of the Holy Mass from the Shrine of Divine Mercy on time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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We kindly invite you to join the the live broadcasting of the celebration of the Holy Mass and Adoration online on www.gailestingumas.lt starting tomorrow.

The live broadcasting of Adoration of the Holy Sacrament will be available all-day long (24/7)

The Holy Mass will be broadcasted:

I-VI 10.00, 12.00, 20.00 – in Lithuanian
VII 10.00, 12.00, 18.00, 20.00 – In Lithuanian
I-VII 16.00 – In Polish

The Holy Mass will be offered for the intentions of the faithful as usual.

Intentions for oneself or close ones can be submitted via e-mail intencijos@gailestingumas.lt.

When submitting your intention for the Holy Mass, please, specify if it is for those who are alive or have passed away, also, the day and the hour of the Holy Mass.

The donation for the Holy Mass, that helps to keep the Shrine open all-day long, can be transferred using online banking. We are grateful for your support. It is of great importance now. 

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XXII Sunday of Ordinary Time - Parish news

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2019 09 01 News 

XXII Sunday of Ordinary Time  

  •  3rd of September we are commemorating St. Gregory the Great, Pope and Teacher of the Church. 

St. Gregory the Great (540 - 604) has resigned from his successful political career to become a Benedictine monk. In the year 590 he was elected to be the Pope. Gregory I was the first to coin the title "Servant of servants of God" (lat. Servus servorum Dei). It is used to this day. He introduced a new way of chanting during the mass and it is called Gregorian chant in his honour. Gregory is renowned as one of the four Teachers of the Catholic Church. He ruled the Church like the true shepherd: helping the poor, taking care of the monastic life, strengthening faith everywhere. 

  •  Wednesday, 4th of September Gintaras Grušas, Archbishop of Vilnius, is commemorating the 9th anniversary of the consecration. You are most welcome to remember him in your prayers. 
  •  5th of September we begin to pray the Divine Mercy Novena in preparation to commemorate the 84th anniversary of the day when the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy was given to St. sister Faustina. The celebration itself is on the 13 - 14th of September. 
  •  The reconstruction work of the Community home of the Shrine of Divine Mercy has begun on Monday. You are most welcome to contribute to the reconstruction work with your offerings. You can do this by bringing them to the sacristy or by transferring funds via bank. Let us build the Community home where it is good to be together. 
  •  1st - 8th of  September the indulgence of Trakai Mother of God and the Protector of Lithuania will take place in Trakai.
  •  7th of September the pilgrimage of youth from the Gate of Dawn in Vilnius to Basilica of Trakai will take place for the 13th time already. It will begin at 8 a.m. at the Gate of Dawn and will end at 10 p.m. in Trakai. There will be a free shuttle bringing the pilgrims back to Vilnius.
  •  We are grateful to everyone who contributes to the Shrine of Divine Mercy by prayer, volunteering, offerings and other means.

The 6th annyversary of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in The Shrine of Divine Mercy

20190831 kvietimas

Expressing gratitude for the 6 years of perpetual Eucharistic adoration at the Shrine of Divine Mercy

On the 31st of August we are celebrating the 6th anniversary of perpetual Adoration. It has been six years already since the door of the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Vilnius was opened for the perpetual Adoration during the whole day and night.

We invite you to express your gratitude for the Adoration and all the graces that you have experienced through it. 


10:00 Holy Mass

11:30 Rosary prayer

12:00 Holy Mass (broadcast on radio station “Marijos radijas”). Families who have received the Sacrament of Matrimony in the year 2018 are most welcome to attend this Holy Mass. They will have a possibility to express their gratitude for the first year of their marriage and to renew the vows of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

15:00 Chanting of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Litany to the st. Faustina

16:00 Holy Mass (celebrated by the priest Edvard Dukel in polish language)

18:00 Worshipping together with group "Ostium"; confessions

19:00 Rosary prayer with worshipping

20:00 Celebratory thanksgiving Holly Mass (celebrated by the priest Gabrielius Satkauskas)

21:00 - 00:00 Worshipping in song (singers: Gediminas Ivaškevičius, Martynas Jokšas, Radvilė Žalaitė). During this time there will be an opportunity to make a confession, have a spiritual conversation or ask for a prayer of intercession.

The celebration will end with the individual Blessing with the Holy Sacrament.



Learn about the program of the Week of Divine Mercy.

Program in English here.

Program in Polish here. 

"The daily decalogue of Pope John XXIII"

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1) Only for today, I will seek to live the livelong day positively without wishing to solve the problems of my life all at once.

2) Only for today, I will take the greatest care of my appearance: I will dress modestly; I will not raise my voice; I will be courteous in my behavior; I will not criticize anyone; I will not claim to improve or to discipline anyone except myself.

3) Only for today, I will be happy in the certainty that I was created to be happy, not only in the other world but also in this one.

4) Only for today, I will adapt to circumstances, without requiring all circumstances to be adapted to my own wishes.

5) Only for today, I will devote 10 minutes of my time to some good reading, remembering that just as food is necessary to the life of the body, so good reading is necessary to the life of the soul.

6) Only for today, I will do one good deed and not tell anyone about it.

7) Only for today, I will do at least one thing I do not like doing; and if my feelings are hurt, I will make sure that no one notices.

8) Only for today, I will make a plan for myself: I may not follow it to the letter, but I will make it. And I will be on guard against two evils: hastiness and indecision.

9) Only for today, I will firmly believe, despite appearances, that the good Providence of God cares for me as no one else who exists in this world.

10) Only for today, I will have no fears. In particular, I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful and to believe in goodness. Indeed, for 12 hours I can certainly do what might cause me consternation were I to believe I had to do it all my life.